Hashtag Generator White Label

Use our ready solution to start your own Hashtag generator for Socials as SaaS service for web and start earning on premium access sales!

Project launch: July 2020
Presale opens: June 2020
Check development status, launch reports section is available.
Everything you need to start own Hashtag Generator SaaS
Modern design and smart AI hashtag generator features that you are going to love. We are ready to offer you the service of launching a white label SaaS - Smart Instagram Hashtag Generator based on Artificial Intelligence.

We will launch your own White Label SaaS with our own hashtag generator feature.
We offer a turnkey service, at the exit you will receive a ready-made web platform that you can monetize by selling premium access for your users on a subscription basis and you will earn in the same way as we earn on our Hashlex SaaS.

We offer our own development of Hashtag Generator. We do not resell the technology, we are the first to take the technology and you can be sure of the complete transparency of the business with us.

We are working with legal entities and individual entrepreneurs from all over the world, we work strictly within the legal framework and under a formal contract. Working with us you get a guaranteed stable product and all you have to worry about is advertising and attracting new customers, we take care of the development and design!

A flat economic model with no hidden fees
Our economic model for White Label partners is straightforward, without any hidden fees. Instead there is a one-time-fee per web service launch and fixed little fee for your user's hashtag searches, each hashtag search cost fixes rate for you, as for our White Label User, you can resell this searches for your own customers for x2-x10 ratio and earn money on reselling . Moreover, there is no pay-per-user pricing. So no matter how many users you acquire over time, the sales fee will remain the same, regardless of your growing customer base.
What you'll get with Hashlex SaaS White Label
Our goal is your success and high sales result, together we can build a strong business!
Full White Label App
All Hashlex names will be replaced with your name, logos will be replaced with your logos, the name and description of the service on the whole website will also be changed to yours.
Affordable pricing model
The cost of each hashtag search is the lowest in the market, even with a factor of x10 you will remain competitively capable and will be able to offer your customers reasonable prices, leave applications in the form of communication below to receive our commercial offer with prices
Technical Support
After starting the web service, we do not send you free ocean, we will help you with the support of your website if you have any questions about maintenance. We can also offer you custom development services at prices below the market from our web developers.
Design Materials
You will get access to the source data of all our design materials, SaaS screens, all sections of the service, all this you can easily use for yourself.
Future SaaS Updates
We will update your web-service as we update our own Hashlex service for FREE, you will receive all the necessary technical updates for the WL service to stay relevant in a rapidly growing market.
Direct Payments
We will help to tie your payment systems to your website and help you setup recurrent payments via Stripe, PayPal, Cardinity, Robokassa and other payment gates, we do not reserve your payments and do not take them for yourself, you receive all payments directly from your customers without intermediaries!
What's inside the Web-service?
AI Based Instagram Hashtag Generator
The main feature of our service is our tag generator, which is developed on artificial intelligence, which itself will fill the hash tag database in our service, the more users look for different hash tags, the more tags appear in the catalog!
AI Based TikTok Hashtag Generator (coming soon)
Just as for Instagram we are developing a tag generator for TikTok, it will be available shortly, also now in development, a tag generator for YouTube, a tag generator for Twitter and a tag generator for the Facebook
More than 148,600,915 hashtags base and growing!
Our base is growing every minute! The more users use the system, the more the database becomes, we directly look for tags on instagram profiles and posts, so our system will help you find absolutely any tags, in any language and on any topic, each search for each user increases our database by at least 300 new tags!
Recurrent payments Integration
Our service works on the subscription basis, we can connect any payment system that supports recurring payments for the site like Stripe / PayPal / Cardinity / GoPay / Robokassa / Unitpay / Freekassa and etc., bringing the client once and providing him with a quality service, he will continue to pay for the service, since the recurring payment system will deduct money from it every month from the card up to the moment of cancellation, recurring payments increase the user's LTV by x10 times!
Smart Authentication for users
Our panel has the ability to connect quick and smart registration and access to the service via social networks like: Google / Facebook / Twitter, etc., authorization takes only 2 seconds in one click, using social networks for authorization increases the conversion in user registration by about 180%
Search History and Trials for users
For our users, we have developed a modern panel with all the necessary information on his account, the history of all his searches of all his hashtags, subscription settings, personal account, information about his account and a convenient system of replenishing balance and payment for using searches, your users will love our platform!
Have not tried our service yet?
Leave a request for a closed beta test and we will send you data for testing the demo Hashlex service!

Demo is available!
System Development LOGS
Last update: 01/06/2020
DEMO is available!
White Label Dealer's Panel System Setup.
UI issues corrections and polishing.
Google Auth Integration for Login and Sign up pages.
Integration of Stripe and PayPal Recurring Payments.
Run AI-based tag generator tests.
Admin's panel launch.
First client office beta is live.
Why you need Hashtag Generator Web Service?
Check statistics of the "Hashtag Generator" market and understand why you should do this business with us using our ready-made White Label solution
1, 600,000+ new inquiries
/ month *
So many people are searching for "Instagram hashtags" on Google per month, so many people can become your potential premium users in just a month, and if you count this number in a year? Surprised?
3,000,000+ new hashtags
/ month *
So many new hashtags appear on Instagram every month, all these hashtags are trendy, many become viral and hype, the use of which significantly increases the reach and popularity of Instagram account, in order to be in trend you should always use only trend hashtags
3,200,000+ new visitors
/ month*
So many visitors receive one of the market leaders in services for generating and searching hashtags, competing services create a huge market and a huge amount of traffic, by entering which you can immediately get customers and sales
Market analysis
Look at this information about sites of top players from the Hashtag Services industry and understand how they drive traffic and which channels they use.
*All Statistical information taken from https://pro.similarweb.com/ website traffic analysis service open sources
Download SimilarWeb full PDF report with all details information - here
Let's compare
What if you are thinking about to make your Hashtag Generator without us? - check these Pros & Cons
Time of Development - Fast
We can launch the Hashlex White Label system for you in just 1 work week, we have a streamlined launch process and from the moment of concluding the contract until the ready version - no more than 1 working week will pass, all we need from you is a set of resources for launch, which includes: name, domain, logos, API data from payment systems for integration and that's all
Time of Development - Long
If you intend to independently develop and run an Saas with a similar set of functionality, then you will need as a minimum 12-16 weeks of development and a team of technical specialists who will work on your SaaS and not the fact that your developers will be able to make a decent quality SaaS
WEB engineering skills - NOT Required
You do not need to know the technical features of the launch and you do not need to have knowledge on WEB applications development - we offer a turnkey service and help in launching the SaaS in all stages, from design to ready web-service.
WEB engineering skills - Required
You need to understand some basic things in the development of SaaS applications in order to correctly compile the terms of reference for the contractor or you need to have your own experience in writing application code for web.
Costs - Affordable
The launch cost is minimal for such a turnkey service, you do not need to pay for development from scratch and do not need to pay for SaaS maintenance, the only fixed payment for you is a one-time launch fee and a small price for each of your user's costs.
Costs - Expensive
You need to hire a developer who has experience in developing SaaS applications for web, you must create a full technical task for him and pay him a monthly salary and then pay him every month for servicing your application, as well as you need to take into account the development time and development cost for Web the average for the market, which starts at $60 / per hour
Step-by-Step Web Service Launch Guide
A small instruction on how we launch the SaaS of our White Label partners
1 step - Branding
We start with packaging and prepare for you a unique design for the SaaS application so that your Hashtag Service will looks unique, we will change the name, logo, some design elements like: buttons, colors and icons.
2 step - Saas Copy Development
Then we launch the system on your domain, you will receive a full copy of our Hashlex service with the same set of functionality, everything will work just like on our website,
3 step - Payment Systems Integration
We will install your payment systems for your site, we do not get access to your payment data, all we need is your API data from the payment system account dashboard, we will set up payment acceptance for your users and you begin to receive all payments directly without intermediaries
4 step - Launch and Ads
Everything is done - now everything is ready, your own hashtag generator is ready to accept the first users, you can set up ads and monitor the growth of sales and revenue!
White Label Presale is already available!
Don't want to wait for the official launch and want to be the first to get the Hashlex platform on your domain? - We have a proposal for you, you can make an advance payment and get a quota for launching the platform in the forefront, we conclude an official agreement with a guarantee of launching the platform immediately after launch, when you conclude an agreement and pay prepayment for the launch, you get an additional bonus of 10% discount on the cost of generations / searches of tags for your dealer bids!
Interested in more details?
Find the best solution for your future Hashtag Generator SaaS. Our expert team will be happy to assist with all of your questions concerning functionality, integration, best practices and the White Label model.