Smart iOS Scanner
White Label Solution

Use our ready solution to start your own document scanning app for iOS and start earning from in-app sales just from 1st month!
Everything you need to easily start own scanning iOS app
Modern design and smart scanning features that you are going to love. We are ready to offer you the service of launching a white label application - PDF document scanner for iOS.

We will launch and help publish your own application in the AppStore and help you through moderation.
We offer a turnkey service, at the exit you will receive a ready-made iOS application that you can monetize by selling premium in-app access products on a subscription basis and you will earn in the same way as we earn on our application and TapScan.

We offer our own development. We do not resell the technology, we are the first to take the technology and you can be sure of the complete transparency of the business with us.

We work with legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, we work strictly within the legal framework and under a formal contract. Working with us you get a guaranteed stable product and all you have to worry about is advertising and attracting new customers, we take care of the development and design!

A flat economic model with no hidden fees
Our economic model for White Label partners is straightforward, without any hidden fees. Instead there is a one-time-fee per app launch and fixed little fee from your own sales. Moreover, there is no pay-per-user pricing. So no matter how many users you acquire over time, the sales fee will remain the same, regardless of your growing customer base.
What you'll get with TapScan iOS White Label
Our goal is your success and high sales result, together we can build a strong business!
Full White Label App
All TapScan names will be replaced with your name, logos will be replaced with your logos, the name and description of the application in the app store will also be changed to yours.
AppStore Extended Help
We will help you set up your iTunes Connect developer account, link your bank account, advise how to start running Ads and help you go through all the stages of moderation and deal with those AppStore support.
Technical Support
After starting the application, we do not send you free ocean, we will help you with the support of your application if you have any questions about maintenance. We can also offer you custom development services at prices below the market from our application developers.
Design Materials
You will get access to the source data of all our design materials, application screens, all sections of the application, splash images of all formats for iPhone and iPad, logos of all sizes and banners, all this you can easily use for yourself.
Future App Updates
We will update your application as we update our own application for the small fixed price, you will receive all the necessary technical updates for the WL application to stay relevant in a rapidly growing market.
Direct Payments
We will help to tie your bank account to your iTunes Connect account and help you set up automatic withdrawal of funds to your bank account, we do not reserve your payments and do not take them for yourself, you receive all payments directly from apple without intermediaries!
What's inside the app?
Automatic Document Detection
Automatically detect a document in the camera and help in finding a document in the camera coverage area + Multi-page scanning - scan as many pages as you want
Text Recognition (OCR)
Automatic text recognition with OCR in multiple languages
Digital Signature
Save your precious time and sign any documents online, right through the TapScan application, it is quick and convenient, you can upload your signature as a picture or draw it yourself in our TapScan Signature editor.
Scan Adjustments
Color editor and built-in document editor , crop, draw, edit, spin, resize, adjust colors, adjust brightness and contrast, rotate scan, batch editing and much more
File Storage
Create folders, password protect them and use Face ID for data security in the application. Keep any number of scanned documents. Full-featured file manager with folders, drag and drop documents. Protect your documents by locking folders and scanning with a password. Sort documents by name, date or size. Choose between table and collection view modes
Export Feature
Tools for sharing documents. Share your scans by email. Easily print your scans from any Wi-Fi printer. Share and upload scanned documents to cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Export scans to our Fax app and send faxes worldwide. Save scans to photos.
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Why you need Scanner iOS app?
Check statistics of the "PDF scanners" market and understand why you should do this business with us using our ready-made White Label solution
919,000+ new inquiries / mo*
So many people are searching for "scanner app" on Google per month, so many people can become your potential premium users in just a month, and if you count this number in a year? Surprised?
3,000,000+ downloads / mo*
Number of downloads of one of the top applications in the scanner industry and this is not the limit; there are dozens of scanner applications in the AppStore that create a giant market where you can instantly start earning!
USD 2,000,000+ / mo*
One of the top PDF scanner app per month sales of in-app products and this is only official data from the open sources, in reality these numbers are even higher, dozens of scanner applications create demand!
*Statistical information taken from mobile application analysis service open sources
Let's compare
What if you are thinking about to make your own scanner iOS app without us? - check these Pros & Cons
Time of Development - Fast
We can launch the application for you in just 3 weeks, we have a streamlined launch process and from the moment of concluding the contract until the first version is published in the AppStore, no more than 3 weeks will pass, this is the record time for launching the application in the AppStore.
Time of Development - Long
If you intend to independently develop and run an application with a similar set of functionality, then you will need as a minimum 16-20 weeks of development and a team of technical specialists who will work on your application and not the fact that your developers will be able to make a decent quality application
iOS engineering skills - NOT Required
You do not need to know the technical features of the launch and you do not need to have knowledge on iOS application development - we offer a turnkey service and help in launching the application in all stages, from design to publication in the AppStore
iOS engineering skills - Required
You need to understand some basic things in the development of mobile applications in order to correctly compile the terms of reference for the contractor or you need to have your own experience in writing application code for iOS.
Costs - Affordable
The launch cost is minimal for such a turnkey service, you do not need to pay for development from scratch and do not need to pay for app maintenance, the only fixed payment for you is a one-time launch fee and a small percentage of the payments from your users.
Costs - Expensive
You need to hire a developer who has experience in developing mobile applications for iOS, you must create a full technical task for him and pay him a monthly salary and then pay him every month for servicing your application, as well as you need to take into account the development time and development cost for iOS the average for the market, which starts at $100 / per hour
Step-by-Step App Launch Guide
A small instruction on how we launch the applications of our White Label partners
1 step - Branding
We start with packaging and prepare for you a unique design for the application so that your scanner application looks unique, change the name, logo, design elements, buttons, application elements
2 step - App Store Listing
Then we prepare descriptions, title, keywords, add splash images and fill everything you need in your account in iTunes Connect
3 step - Review
Next, we prepare the assembly of the application and fill it into your account and send it for moderation
4 step - Approve
And finally, your application is available for download and is already available to everyone all over the world in the app store, congratulations!
Interested in more details?
Find the best solution for your future Scanning app. Our expert team will be happy to assist with all of your questions concerning functionality, integration, best practices and the White Label model.

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